Steel Quality and Clicker Press from China


China makes many good products and we even sell many technology products from china, but when it comes to presses, it's all about the steel. China continues to struggle with a reputation and inability to produce quality steel. Since the nature of a press is to test the limits of steel, one should think twice about where their machine is coming from. This is why the majority of Chinese factories never buy china made presses. Even the Chinese know that when it comes to presses, it's better to buy foreign. Cheap machinery never pays off in the end.

Six Bridges have collapsed since 2011

Consider the safety issue: a scary one, indeed, because China has a very well-deserved reputation for producing inferior and often dangerous products. In the specific case of bridges, six have collapsed across China since July 2011.

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Faulty Steel From China Halts Victoria Bridge Construction

China's Jiangsu Zhongtai Steel Structure Co. Ltd. has been forced to halt fabrication of steel for Victoria's new Johnson St. Bridge after inspections found it was not being built according to design specifications.

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Washington DC Steel Caucas (China dumping faulty steel in US)

The industry has had to deal with illegal and anticompetitive trade practices from countries like China, which manipulate their currency and dump faulty steel products on U.S. markets.

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Chicago Transit Authority links 706 faulty rail cars to China Refinery.

The components were delivered by Sifang foundry, based out of Qingdao, China, as part of Bombardier's contract with the CTA for 706 cars worth more than $1 billion

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Chinese Company Delivers Steel Unfit for GasTransit in Slovaki

Rusty, sub-quality pipes from Chinese steel manufacturer could have caused gas explosions. Chinese firm refuses to take responsibility.

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